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WEIN CELL MRB625 1.35V Zinc-Air Battery

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About This Item

This Wein MRB625 1.35V Zinc-Air Battery is a replacement for PX625, PX13, and MR-9 batteries, and is ideal for cameras, exposure meters, and other electronics.

  • Any camera or exposure meter specifying PX625 or PX13 or PX67 mercury cells
  • Voltage output more stable than alkaline replacements
  • No camera/meter adjustment needed
  • Environmentally safe
  • Up to 10 year shelf life; Wein cells are not activated until the pull tab is removed (removing battery and replacing tab prolongs battery life)

Compatible with

  • ​Nikkormat F camera
  • Canon F-1​ camera
  • Leica M5 camera
  • ​Olympus OM-1 camera
  • ​Minolta SRT camera
  • Pentax Spotmatic F camera
  • ​Gossen Luna-Pro light meter
  • and any more!

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