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TTARTISAN AF 27mm F2.8 - Fujifilm X-Mount, Sunset Orange, Limited Edition

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About This Item

  • Design and Build Quality: The TTArtisan 27mm f/2.8 is praised for its all-metal construction, which contributes to a sturdy and durable feel. It's a pancake lens, meaning it's quite compact, only about 29mm long and weighs just under 100g. The lens is available in X-mount (Fuji), E-mount (Sony), and Z-mount (Nikon).
  • Optical Performance: The lens has six elements in five groups and seven rounded aperture blades. It produces a medium degree of barrel distortion in RAW images, which is acceptable by mirrorless system standards and can be corrected in post-processing. The vignetting is a weak aspect of the lens, being quite pronounced at f/2.8 and requiring auto-correction. At f/2.8, the image center reaches very good resolution levels, improving further as the aperture is stopped down. Lateral chromatic aberrations are very low and not typically an issue in real-life usage.
  • Auto-focus and Handling: The lens uses a stepping motor for auto-focusing, which is reasonably fast and near-silent. The focus accuracy is a bit coarse, and the lens offers a unique method for firmware updates via a USB-C port on the rear lens cap. The lens includes a focus ring and a dedicated aperture ring with third-stop clicks.
  • Overall Verdict: The TTArtisan 27mm f/2.8 offers a good balance of price, build quality, and performance for its price range. While it may not match up to more expensive lenses in terms of optical quality and features, its sturdy build and decent image quality make it a viable option for photographers looking for an affordable, compact lens.