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K&F CONCEPT NANO-X Series Magnetic Filter Set (MCUV + CPL + ND1000 Filters) with Storage Bag & Magnetic Filter Ring (Magnetic Lens Cap NOT Included) - All Sizes

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About This Item

About K&F Magnetic Filters & Accessories

Magnetic filters and associated accessories is an entire category of filters from K&F which attaches and detaches magnetically making them an excellent and economical way to use filters. By making them extremely easy and fast to attach and detach, it widens the frequency and scenario where filters can be used. Moreover, the thin filters are also stackable to achieve various outcome.

Stackable/ Combined Use of Multiple Filters

The filters can be used individually, or stack together to achieved the desired outcome. Two use combined use of the filters included in this set are:-

  1. Combination 1: Magnetic Adapter Ring + CPL+ ND1000
  2. Combination 2: MCUV+CPL+ND1000

28-Layers Multicoated

All filters are made of world class AGC High Definition Premium Optical glass. They are double-side multicoated, doesn't introduce any chromatic aberration (colour shift), is hydrophobic, scratch and proof resisting. Provides you a perfect photography experience, protecting your lens from all round.

In The Box

  • Magnetic Multicoated UV (MCUV) Filter
  • Magnetic Circular Polarizer (CPL) Filter
  • Magnetic Neutral Density ND1000 Filter
  • Magnetic Adapter Ring (screw on lens so magnetic filter can be attached)
  • Filter Pouch for the whole set and more