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KODAK K28A/4LR44 6V Ultra Alkaline Battery

by Kodak
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BND 6.00
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 About This Item

  1. Battery Type: The Kodak K28A/4LR44 is an alkaline battery, known for its high energy output and long shelf-life.

  2. Voltage: This battery offers a 6-volt output, which is suitable for devices that require a higher voltage for optimal performance.

  3. Compatibility: It is commonly used in a variety of devices such as cameras, dog collars, garage door openers, and some medical equipment.

  4. Longevity: Alkaline batteries like the K28A/4LR44 are designed to last longer than traditional zinc-carbon batteries, making them a more reliable choice for devices that are used frequently or require a consistent power source.

  5. Leak Resistance: Kodak batteries are often designed to be leak-resistant, providing an added layer of protection for your devices against potential damage from battery acid.

  6. Environmental Considerations: These batteries are often mercury-free, which makes them more environmentally friendly compared to older battery technologies that contained harmful substances.

  7. Brand Reliability: Kodak, being a well-established brand, often ensures quality and reliability in their products, and this battery is no exception.