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K&F CONCEPT Magnetic Lens Filter Adapter Rings - All Sizes

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The best use case is pick the biggest lens filter thread size among all lenses you own, and then buy these adapter rings to step-up so that you can consolidate and buy filters of the same sizes only. Our recommended sizes - based on the most common lenses - is 77mm.

- ingSiang from

About This Item

This is a magnetic adapter that are required in order to magnetically attach a K&F magnetic filter to a lens.

Also listed here is a series of step/ adapter rings to allow lenses of different thread sizes to magnetic filters of different sizes.

Key Features

  • Stable suction, quick installation and removal
  • This adapter ring is suitable for K&F Concept magnetic filter
  • Made of aviation-grade aluminium alloy with high strength and impact resistance
  • The surface process adopts anodised black treatment to prevent reflection during shooting
  • Only applicable to K&F Concept magnetic filter; not suitable for use with non-magnetic filters & non-magnetic filter adapters