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K&F CONCEPT C-Series Slim Multicoated Circular Polariser (CPL) Filter - All Sizes

Original price BND 28.00 - Original price BND 45.00
Original price
BND 28.00
BND 28.00 - BND 45.00
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About This Item

This Classic Series Slim Multicoated Circular Polarizer Filter from K&F Concept is a multicoated glass circular polarizing filter that helps reduce reflections and glare by filtering out light that has become polarized due to reflection from a nonmetallic surface.

The light from the sun becomes partially polarized due to reflecting off electrons in air molecules, causing the light to scatter into what appears as haze. A polarizing filter arranges and filters directionally polarized light, allowing for the absorption of much of this light. This results in a noticeable reduction of glare and reflections from nonmetallic surfaces and an increase in the saturation of skies and foliage.

This filter is constructed from _Japanese optical glas_s for clarity as well as color fidelity, and it features multicoating to prevent internal ghosting and reflections. It is made with an aluminum alloy filter ring that can be rotated to adjust the intensity of the polarization effect. The slim design reduces the potential for vignetting when used with wide-angle lenses.

Key Features

  • Circular polarizer filter
  • Helps eliminate reflections and glare
  • Reduces haze in landscapes
  • Greater color and tonal saturation
  • Blue multicoating Japan optical glass
  • Aluminum frame