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K&F CONCEPT NANO-X Series Filter - Black Diffusion (Black Mist) 1/8 - All Sizes

Original price BND 63.00 - Original price BND 98.00
Original price
BND 65.00
BND 63.00 - BND 98.00
Current price BND 65.00

About This Item

  • Reduces highlights and lowers glare
  • Surface high-tech film waterproof, scratch resistant and oil proof
  • Optical glass double-side polishing technology ensuring the HD image quality
  • Soften wrinkles, blemishes and pores while maintaining skin tone values, making wrinkles lesas noticeable
  • Creates a soft quality of light and pastel effect, delicate and hazy cinematic effect, provide a smoothing effect on skin tones
  • Uses K&F Concept Multi-layer Coating process to protect the filter effect between two pieces of glass, doesn't effect image quality