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INSTA360 Heavy Duty Clamp

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BND 68.00
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About This Item

  • This clamp is the same as the Heavy Duty Clamp in the Motorcycle Bundle. Purchase the Motorcycle Mount Bundle.
  • A powerful, universal clamp to securely fix your camera to your handlebars and more. 
  • All-new design with no ball joint for stabler shots.

Usage Notes

  1. The Heavy Duty Clamp is for mounting to round tubes such as handlebars or bumpers, with a diameter range of 17 to 37mm(0.6–1.5in). Do not attach to irregularly shaped objects as there is a risk of detachment.
  2. When using the clamp on a smooth metal tube, rotate the included wrench clockwise to tighten the clamp.
  3. The Heavy Duty Clamp can only be used with the Insta360 Action Invisible Selfie Stick, which must be extended to 100cm or less.
  4. Connect the selfie stick to the 1/4" screw on the Heavy Duty Clamp. Do not install any other accessories.
  5. If you mount the camera directly to the Heavy Duty Clamp, do not exceed 80km/h (50mph) on smooth roads and 40km/h (25mph) on off-road terrain. Only mount a selfie stick when you're on smooth roads, and securely tighten the clamp using the included wrench before use.
  6. Install the Heavy Duty Clamp according to the instructions in the manual. Insta360 will not be responsible for any damage or loss that occurs by not following the provided instructions.