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GODOX AK-R1 Accessory Kit for Round Flash Head (Godox V1, AD100/ 300/ 400 PRO etc.)

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About This Item

  • Magnetically Attached Accessories: The kit includes a variety of modifiers that attach magnetically, allowing for quick and easy changes.
  • Diffuser Dome: This accessory spreads light over more than 180 degrees, providing a smooth and even illumination. It's particularly effective for creating ambient lighting in a room or for use with an umbrella to fill it with evenly distributed light.
  • Warming Filters and Filter Holder: The kit comes with three warming filters and a filter holder. These are essential for adjusting the color temperature of the light to match the ambient lighting in a scene or to achieve specific artistic effects.
  • Green Filter and Honeycomb Grid: The green filter can be used for creative effects, while the honeycomb grid helps in narrowing and directing the light beam more precisely.
  • Snoot: A popular accessory for studio photography, the snoot enables targeted lighting, perfect for highlighting specific areas or creating dramatic lighting effects.
  • Four-Way Barndoor Set: This simple yet practical tool allows you to control the direction of the light, which is crucial for shaping and directing the flash output.
  • Bounce Card with Frame: Mainly used in event photography, the bounce card aids in filling light directly on the subject when bouncing light off the ceiling. It has a black and a white side for different lighting effects.
  • Wide Lens: This accessory is designed to broaden the scope of the light, making it ideal for covering larger areas.
  • Adapter with Gel Filters: The kit includes an adapter with several gel filters for adjusting light temperature and achieving special effects.