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OEM (Generic) Motion Film 800T - 36 Exp, ISO 800, Tungsten Balanced, C-41 Process

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About This Item

These films are commonly known as "cine rolls". They originated from motion picture cinema films and were repackaged so they are available for use by still photography. As such, these films are higher grade (industrial) than consumer grade 'Kodaks' such as Colorplus, Gold and Ultramax. They also tend to produce unique movie-like tones and finer grains as a result too.

Cine rolls are often categorised into two categories:

  1. Remjet layers NOT REMOVED, these must be developed via ECN-2 process;
  2. Remjet layers REMOVED, these can be developed via the standard C-41 process.

In this case, the remjet layers of these "cine rolls" have already been remove and thus can be easily develop by your local lab(s), or via DevScan by


  • ISO 800
  • Tungsten
  • C-41 Process
  • 3200K Tungsten-balanced
  • DX code label included (for automatic, point & shoot camera)